This page is created to offer access to the digitized representation of the archived documents and photos belonging to the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta (Ohio). It is a work in progress, not only in that documents will be added as they are found and digitized by the ongoing committee, but that this page will take some time to become completely current. A search engine will be incorporated eventually, but may be delayed until all material has been posted. In the meantime, please browse the folders and the folders within the folders. The heirarchy is as follows: currently two locations (at Marietta College Library and on the grounds of FUUSM), containers (at the college), folders by subject matter and sub folders or files in chronological order. Note that this heirarchy matches the physical location and sequence of the actual material as much as possible, and is not easily changed (should you feel the need to suggest changes).

Current committee members:

Cynthia Ting 2011 -
Elin Jones 2011 -
Joe Baker 2011 -
Mike Bailey 2011 -

Previous Archivists:

Fred O"Neill
Maureen Olander
Jim Rapp

With assistance from:

Paula Riggs
Irene Jones
Katy McDaniel

Introduction to FUUSM Archives (Finders Aid)

College Collection

FUUSM Collection