Children & Youth Religious Education

Pre-School aged children - Childcare is provided on Sundays from 9:45 am - 12:15 pm in the Nursery located in the basement of Fellowship Hall. 

K-3 Class - Moral Tales - This curriculum is built around stories that draw upon many UU sources to portray moral dilemmas and paths to goodness and justice, presented through a variety of cultural and religious lenses.  Many hands-on activities are included along with structured exercises for questioning, reflecting, and self-expression. The classes are designed with flexibility to allow for different learning styles.  Teachers are Cindy Burton and Katy McDaniel.

Grades 4-7 Class - Traditions with a Wink!  This UU Identity Curriculum for Middle Schoolers is designed to help children of this age connect with their UU experience.  Traditions covered include Principles-Purposes, Judeo-Christian culture, how UUs create services of celebration, how UUs create community, the place of science and reason in Unitarian Universalism, the UU tradition of good works with service projects, and UU music and hymns. Current Teacher is Brenda Stetson but we are seeking additional teachers. .

Teen Youth Group - The youth meet regularly on Sunday mornings, plan special events and sometimes attend Ohio Meadville District Youth Conferences.  They will be discussing and participating and various social action activities, visiting other local faith communities, and, as a group, decide on other activities of interest.  The advisor is Robin Bozian with help from others.

NOTE:  The children/youth meet in classrooms in the RE building.  In addition to classroom time, there are periodic non-class events held in the Fellowship Hall throughout the year.  These group activities or projects coordinated by Diane McMichael are designed around a variety of topics for all children.