What To Expect

Coming Through the Door

When you come in on a Sunday morning, there will be two folks there in the vestibule to greet you.  You won't recognize these people by the clothes they wear.  We have no dress code--not even an unstated one.  So, though he could be wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, or a suit and tie, and she could be wearing a dress, or jeans and a sweater, they will be wearing  smiles and nametags. 

They will ask your name and direct you to a small table inside the door where you may add your name and contact information in a guestbook and make up a nametag for yourself. (We're very big on name tags for everyone all the time.)  The greeters will probably chat with you to begin to become acquainted while you're doing all this. (In addition to the Greeters, there will be another person, the Host, there in the vestibule and available then and after the service to answer any questions you may have about our church or Unitarian Universalism in general.)  The Greeter will then hand you a hymnal and an Order of Service

When you're all set, go on in  the Sanctuary. Oh, if you are hearing impaired, we have portable amplified headphones available just inside the Sanctuary doors.  A Greeter will be glad to help you with that. Please sit anywhere you like, but if you want to sit in the rear, get there early because, like in a lot of churches, the rear seems to fill up first!

Children and Parents

Children are always welcome and begin every Sunday morning in the worship service with their families. Unless the service is planned for ALL AGES, children and youth are invited to go to age-appropriate BRIDGES (Bringing Religion Into Daily Growth, Experience, and Service) activities after the worship opening. Nursery care for infants and toddlers is available for the entire service.

After the Service-Community and Fellowship

It is an important part of our tradition to have a time of Fellowship immediately following the service. Coffee (or tea)  and goodies of some type are served in our Fellowship Hall while conversations abound. We would love to see you there.

See our Worship & Programs pages for more information, including audio files of recent Reflections & Sermons.