Jun 2, 2021

Daniel Parker- Universalist Preacher: A Change of Heart and Mind

June 13 11:00 a.m. on Zoom and Facebook, and "watch party" in the Sanctuary. Dr. David Torbett will offer the reflection. Worship Leader: Rev. Kathryn Hawbaker

Category: Sunday Services

The Israel Ward Andrews Professor of history, philosophy, and religion at Marietta College, Dr. Torbett has spoken from our pulpit about his research for Overcoming Evil With Good: The Autobiography of Daniel Parker, Frontier Universalist, Dr. Torbett's extensively annotated transcription of Parker's memoirs. Daniel Parker (1781–1861) recorded both the details of everyday life and the extraordinary historical events he witnessed west of the Appalachian Mountains between 1790 and 1840. An outspoken advocate for abolition and education, Parker and his wife and son founded Clermont Academy, a racially integrated, coeducational secondary school—the first of its kind in Ohio.