Apr 30, 2021

"A Day In a Life, A Life In a Day"

May 16 -11am Reflection by Katy McDaniel Worship Leader: Suzyn Mills • Green Sanctuary Committee meeting, 12:30 p.m. on Zoom
Category: Sunday Services

Did you have the experience over the last 14 months of feeling like days were repeating, everything seeming the same, day after day? This year I happened to catch the movie Groundhog Day (again), and it had new meaning for me after our pandemic experience. How do we look forward amid the repetition and sameness? We can look at each day as a life in itself, and each life as merely a day in our larger existence. Lessons from Buddhism also help us to see how, even with so little time within each life, we can transform ourselves and effect incremental change that brings us closer to the profound love of others and of life itself. - Katy McDaniel FUUSM member Kathryn N. McDaniel is Andrew U. Thomas Professor of History and outgoing chair of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Marietta College.