Mar 29, 2021

The Cherish ALL Life Project

Members and friends of all ages: You are invited to make a mini movie on your phone to investigate the question which is the theme this year: How can we be mindful and authentic in cherishing all life?
Category: General

Your investigation can include: People: yourself, you can make a statement, your family, and friends Pets: we do love our pets and we see them on YouTube all the time. Plants: trees especially trees, natural habitats, gardens both flowers and vegetables. Animals: birds, bees, bugs, and butterflies, other wildlife, and farm animals too. Instead of taking a photo on your phone, make a movie or video. Keep it to 10 seconds or as close as you can get. Got another idea or incident, make another movie! Give it try. Aim to catch lively movement and sound. Then send it to me jtumas.serna@gmail.com. These short clips could be used in a service and will be edited into a movie. Give me a call if you have questions: 740-706-6284, leave a message if I don’t pick up. - Jane Tumas-Serna - GSC Committee