Jan 27, 2021

Green Sanctuary Invites You to Complete a Sustainability Survey

Green Sanctuary Committee survey is available at this link:_https://forms.gle/hhFXs3PqCmAztBRaA
Category: General

Q: Why does the Green Sanctuary Committee want you to participate in a Sustainability Survey? A: By looking inside the sustainability practices of our congregation our goal is to determine the most efficient and powerful ways to practice sustainability. These few questions are a data-gathering tool to demonstrate where we stand in the general world of living sustainability. Added incentive: People who fill out and return it by March 10th will be entered into a drawing for a plant (value up to $20) from the annual plant sale later in 2021. NOTE: we need your e-mail address to include you in the drawing; otherwise, the survey is anonymous. And if you have difficulty completing the form online, please print it out and mail it to Annie Warmke. You can also telephone Annie and give her your answers over the phone. The survey is also included at the end of this newsletter.