Jan 27, 2021

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!

Ballantyne Snowperson Challenge Continues Until April 1
Category: General

The Ballantyne family is challenging your family to a build a family snowperson. For EVERY FAMILY submitting a snowperson, we will give $25.00 to the church. The first submission from a family is free, then each time that you enter another, your family must give the church $10.00. We will donate one time for each family. Every snowperson must be at least three feet high. This will last until April 1. On the second of April we will draw for the winners of a $100.00 gift certificate, donated by the Ballantynes. All entrees will have a chance, which means if you build three snowpeople, you will have three chances to win. Remember, you must give $10.00 to the church for every entry after the first one. You must submit a picture of your snowperson by email, to be entered. - Dave and Shari Ballantyne