Dec 30, 2020

Braver Angels

January 24 - George Banziger and Bev Horstman, speakers 11:00 a.m. on Zoom and Facebook

Category: Sunday Services

Braver Angels is a national organization trying to address the problem of political polarization in our country. George is a member of Braver Angels. Also visiting by Zoom will be Ms. Bev Horstman, State Coordinator of the Ohio chapter of the organization. Since the presidential election Braver Angels has sponsored two initiatives to address polarization: Holding America Together and With Malice Toward None. George and Ms Horstman will describe those two initiatives. Other initiatives by Braver Angels are planned for the first part of 2021. A group of people in the Marietta community, including FUUSM members and friends, have expressed an interest in Braver Angels and in supporting Braver Angels' initiatives in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Braver Angels and the principles it supports are similar in several ways to FUUSM principles.