About our Society

Congregation 2013

We are "The  Voice of Liberal Religion of the Mid-Ohio Valley."

We are a typically UU-diverse congregation of about 120. We are scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, writers, social workers, civil servants, artists, unemployed, homemakers, professors, and more; We are humanists, spiritualists, christians, pagans, theists, atheists, and others: each of us seeking truth and meaning; all providing the comfort and nurture of community to all.

It takes a lot of people for a religious community to function.  Everyone in fact, has a ministry to all others, in our view. But there are certain people who occupy positions of note: Our professional Minister is Rev. Kathryn (Kat) Hawbaker. More information and a photo can be found on the Minister page.  We are governed by a Board of Trustees that consists of  Gary Hamilton (President), Gillian Harrison (Vice President), Virginia Henthorn (Secretary), Luana Maddox, Darryl Ting, George Banziger, and Shari Miller. Peter Polites is our Treasurer.

Other key staff persons are: Bookkeeper, Brenda Lisk;  Church Administrator, Chris Keller;  Newsletter Editor, Adeline Bailey; Webmaster, Ralph Olander; Building Steward, John Kidd; and Pianist, Randall Kidder.

We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association, whose offices are located in Boston, Mass. The UUA is divided into districts; we are a part of the Ohio-Meadville District (OMD) which encompasses an area spanning eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.