Oct 29, 2018

Building Your Own Theology Series

Starts November 4 Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m., in the Social Hall. Darryl Ting will be teaching and coordinating this series.

Category: General

Unitarian Universalism has no central creed, dogma, or theology. As UUs, we have the freedom to define our own personal theology and are strongly encouraged to do so. But this freedom can also be daunting. Where do you begin? Often, it seems much easier to say what you don't believe in, than what you do. Sometimes we find parts of other religious traditions that speak to us, but do the pieces make a theological whole? The Building Your Own Theology series is especially helpful to newcomers who are coming from religious traditions where creeds are pre-defined. They are new to the freedom of developing their own theology, and need help in getting started. But it is also very useful to more experienced UUs who have not written a credo statement. If they have not developed a firm idea of what they believe in, this series can help them identify and articulate the missing elements. The Building Your Own Theology series is designed to help you begin filling in the blanks, not by providing you with answers (that's your job), but by guiding you through a process of thinking about the building blocks that form a personal theology. Some of the session topics include: Your Spiritual Oddessy, Individual Spiritual Experience, Human Nature, Ultimate Reality, Ethics, UU History and Heritage, Meaning, and The Imperatives of Your Theology. There will be some readings and worksheets to prepare for sessions. Drop-ins are welcome, but attendance at the whole series is encouraged to better appreciate how these building blocks fit together in building a personal theology.