Jul 6, 2018

How to Use the Economics of Happiness to Re-Organize Your Life

July 22 11am in the Social Hall Speakers: Annie and Jay Warmke Worship Leader: Rev. Kathryn Hawbaker

Category: Sunday Services

Every dollar you spend is a vote of support for the business that you're buying goods and services from and every dollar you earn should be simply the by-product of doing what you love. Too often our society uses money as a weapon to keep us divided and makes the acquiring of things the goal. Contentment can be an illusive thing in this culture. It comes from rejecting the norm and putting something else in its place...the economics of happiness. Jay and Annie Warmke will discuss the life model they have adopted that keeps them focused on creating contentment in their lives, while still dealing with the realities of what it means to live in this culture. • Going Forth (4th) w/ Split-the-Plate for SYFA (Save Your Future Association)