Mar 1, 2018

Adult RE Series

Adult RE Series Sunday mornings (10:00 - 10:45) in the Social Hall.

Category: General

Led by Dave Ballantyne, this is a NEW and DIFFERENT course modeled after the workshop delivered by Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson at Central East Regional Summer Institute last summer. The series traces the European roots of those brave Unitarian and Universalist immigrants who found refuge on North American soil, and how the American experience collectively molded their Unitarian and Universalist beliefs over the past two hundred years. In some ways, this is a story of the journey of ALL religions, and ALL of mankind. On the other hand, this subject is too broad to be handled in six short RE sessions. So, the group will discuss the highlights and milestones along this journey and also draw parallels to the journey each member makes in the development of their personal belief system over their lifetime. Dave Ballantyne says; “I attended and was very impressed by Rev. Johnson’s workshop - so impressed that I took notes in the hope of bringing this same message content back to the members of FUUSM. I am far from as well read and educated on this subject as Dr. Johnson. However, I hope we can learn together and from each other, as I share Rev. Johnson’s premise and his various references.” The premise relates to the parallel development of both science and religion, and how that development has impacted religious beliefs and practices, while focusing upon the UU example. In the past year, FUUSM has explored Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity for their common “Core Principles.” This series will draw that fabric even closer together. - Derived from information submitted by Dave Ballantyne